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Most of Utopia Management Service’ new clients are referrals from existing clients who have been extremely satisfied. Here are some of their comments:

  • “What a great value you are for the money!”

  • “[My Program Manager] gave me very positive feedback on your professionalism, attention to detail, and creativity as it pertains to supporting our business, and I thought you should know. I concur with his assessment, and continue to be appreciative of the great support you provide to our Operating Unit.”

  • “We could not have submitted this proposal without your help.”

  • “There are so many things that come up in the contracting business that you either need to have a contracting section [staff] or if you are a small business, you need someone like you.”

  • “Thanks for all your insight, direction, and editing.”

  • “I can’t say enough about your help and assistance on the other end of the phone.”

  • “As I look in the dictionary under Utopia it says An ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects, you couldn't have picked a better name for your business, that is how I've thought of you personally and that of your business ethics.”

For more information about how Utopia Management Services, Inc. can help your Company, please contact Nancy Roth at nancy.roth@utopiamsi.com or call (804) 776-7105.

“A unique vantage point!”

Utopia Management Services provides federal contract advisory services to commercial companies. Nancy Roth has a unique combination of experience from all vantage points. With experience in the public sector and private industry, as a prime contractor and a subcontractor, and as a manager and a consultant, Nancy Roth can deliver results to your company.

For your Contracts Department, Utopia Management Services can:

  • Provide dedicated senior level proposal and contract administration assistance;
  • Augment staff during peak workloads;
  • Fill-in while employees are out on extended leave;
  • Control workload until employee can be found, hired and trained;
  • Work with and train junior staff by being available to answer contractual related questions; and
  • Provide advisory services to your entire staff on an “as-needed” basis.

For your Program Managers, Utopia Management Services can:

  • Act as a “Liaison” between technical and contracts staff;
  • Assist in developing technical statements of work, sole source justifications, and solicitation evaluation criteria; and
  • Work with VP of Contracts to quickly develop compliant Subcontracts.

For your Mergers and Acquisitions Department, Utopia Management Services can:

  • Augment your company’s staff when performing due diligence of candidate companies; and
  • Analyze contractual documents and identify areas of risk during acquisition.

For your Human Resources Department, Utopia Management Services can:

  • Provide a temporary solution until a qualified employee can be located, hired and trained;
  • Assist in writing job descriptions/qualifications;
  • Assist in interviews and recommendations; and
  • Refer potential candidates.

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