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...and thank you for visiting Utopia Management Services on the web. You are encouraged to explore this site and learn how Nancy Roth can help manage your firm’s government contracts. Supporting the growth of your company is the key to her success.

Successful government contracting demands knowledge of a significant amount of laws and regulations. The goal of Utopia Management Services is to effectively negotiate and manage the contracts of companies that do business with the government, so that the owners can do what they do best – operate their businesses, manage their employees, and increase their profit margins.

Since 2003, Utopia Management Services, Inc. has worked to prove that contract management excellence does not depend on client size or client location. With Utopia Management Services, even the smallest of firms can gain access to a highly experienced government contracts manager. Utopia Management Services provides clients with a virtual in-house contract manager, regardless of client location.

Utopia Management Services has built its reputation on the integrity and character of Nancy Roth. Her career in government contracts spans over thirty years, and is focused on the information technology and professional services industries. As an independent consultant, Nancy Roth assists businesses located throughout the United States that compete for and perform under government contracts and subcontracts. Her mission is to guide clients through the challenging contract management issues - cost effectively, and with a personal touch.

Nancy Roth has helped small, medium, and large businesses successfully navigate the complexities of doing business with the federal government. In particular, she has superior experience with the due diligence required in mergers and acquisitions. Her experience includes representation for both the buyer and the seller, paying particular attention to small business qualification issues. The extensive experience gained in her mergers and acquisitions due diligence work has contributed to her overall breadth and depth of contract management knowledge.

Open Letter

Every day, I remain truly appreciative of providing contract management to my clients. My goal is to always bring value to the clients I advise. I work hard to understand the level of involvement my client wants from me. I take time to learn about my client’s organization and their business objectives. I strive to respond quickly and effectively to my clients’ needs.

I have always been and will always be committed to advancing my client’s interests - ethically, enthusiastically, and efficiently. I enjoy my work and I enjoy the opportunity to be of service to my clients.

After reviewing this website, I hope you will contact me to find out how I can help your company! I look forward to hearing from you!

Nancy Roth

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